The eligibility period for the CUT HIP HOP AWARDS 2017 is:

Any Canadian musician, artists, designer, producer, game developer or dancer etc… that meets the following criteria:

  1. You are a Canadian Citizen - Canadian is defined by CUT to be: Canadian is defined by CUT to be: holding a Canadian birth certificates, passports or are Canadian Landed Immigrant(s) with residency in Canada during the eligibility period; Such group as deemed by CUT, rappers, spoken word artists, writers, game designers, video producer(s) being the creative force behind the group label and/or designer in fashion, deejays, R&B singers, reggae artists, break dancers/crews, painters/graffiti arts, events promoters, animator, music video producer/directors and music producers.
  2. Your urban content must be available for sale or just online - You have product available for sale or content online for fans or consumers to view your work. This means your single, EP, design work, events, videos, works of art or album is available online for all Canadians to enjoy! CUT recommend you also register with SOCAN.
  3. Our eligibility period - The eligibility period for submission for the CUT HIP HOP AWARDS 2017. Is now open and closing March 11th 2017 @ 5pm CST.

Online Pre-Submission Steps

  1. Fill out the online form. You can add images, music and content. (Click To Submit) The following categories are taking submission now: Album Producer of the Year, Beat Producer of the Year, Dance Group of the Year, Clothing Line of the Year, DJ of the Year, East Coast Rap Album of the Year, Event Promoter of the Year, Graphic Designer of the Year, Independent Label of the Year, Mixtape of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Director of the Year, Prairies Rap Album of the Year, R&B Album of the Year, R&B Single of the Year, Rap Album of the Year, Rap Single of the Year, Reggae Single of the Year, Songwriter of the year, West Coast Rap Album of the Year, Best Canadian Made Video Game, Best Game Design, Collaboration of the Year, Breakthrough Artists of the Year.
  2. Click the robot button. Wait for the robot button to confirm before submitting.
  3. Pay your $25 submission processing fee.
  4. Your submission will be reviewed after fee is submitted and note not all submission will be nominated for the voting process.
All submissions must not have any offensive language or racist comments.   Info you have any question please email:   Your music & bios will be review by music superstar judges and the music industry insiders made up of producers, deejays and other artists. Nominee will be posted online at and fans and peers will be able to vote for your work!

Mail-In Pre-Submission Steps

Pay Submission fee of $25. Send your music in one of the two ways:
  1. Send a CD with 3 songs or full album or printed design work or sample product or DVD of dance/crew or flyers of events or music video on DVD. Send in the best format to showcase the category for your submitting.
  2. Send a flash drive with work.
  3. Send two photographs of yourself or crew or group.
  4. Send a short biography.
  5. Send money order payable to: Canadian Urban Television
  6. Download Application, print & fill out, and send it to: Canadian Urban Television, 47, Fisette Place, Winnipeg, MB, R3X 0L2

Once again, CUT HIP-HOP AWARDS is for Canadian acts only. Thank you for your interest & GOOD LUCK!